Are you having the right nutrition for your healthy well-being? If you are not, then these Wise & Healthy Lunch swaps and more multiple options for healthy nutrition that you may include in your daily routine diet. As breakfast is an important factor in your entire nutrition. You can’t be lenient in your lunch choices because it is also one of the main foods that energize you throughout the day .You can have some Wise & healthy lunch swaps but Never take any meal for granted choose the best alternative if you can’t get access to the right food or you are craving for junk even the small changes can make a drastic difference in your weight loss journey-

Wise & Healthy Lunch Swaps for you:

There are several healthy lunch choices in which you can opt and swap your daily unhealthy meals for better health.

1. White Rice vs. Brown Rice

White rice vs Brown rice

When you are thinking about having wise & healthy lunch swaps, you would be taking brown rice into consideration instead of white rice because of its innumerable benefits. Brown rice is very effective in your weight loss regime but If you are worried about your excessive fat, just start having brown rice instead of white rice. It is full of nutrients that reduce fat in your blood and also lower your blood pressure level.

Brown rice has more nutrients and content like fiber, antioxidants, vitamin and minerals which keeps your health on point and when you are in your weight loss journey  you are in a calorie intake limit and brown  rice contain 111 calories per 100gm on the other hand white rice contains 130 calories per 100gm. So, it’s a very good option while losing weight.

These are top 5 reasons, why Brown rice is one of the wise & healthy lunch swap-

2. Burger vs Idli

Healthy lunch swap: burger vs idli

Burger is very tasty and there’s no going back once you have the first bite of the burger. It’s a glorified food which has the charm of making you addicted to it. With its Charming personality comes unhealthy benefits and a average burger has 2 to 3 hundred calories in it and major part is unhealthy Idli is one of the best wise and healthy lunch swap for you because it is one the best healthy food you can have in lunch because a 100gm idli has 128 calories and has healthy carbohydrates in it ,protein and healthy fats Which is be very beneficial in your weight loss journey.

These are top 5 reasons, why idli is one of the wise & healthy lunch swap –

Small tip- If you want to make idli tasty you can stuff healthy veggies in it or potatoes paste to make it more convenient and tasty but avoid if you having less calories and already consumed 60 to 70% of the total calories before lunch.

3. Cheese Pasta vs. Whole Wheat Masala Pasta

Pasta is also difficult to digest because it is so heavy. You shouldn’t have it daily But, if you are fond of having Cheese Pasta, it will certainly increase your weight and you would feel quite heavy in your body because a 100 gm of cheese contains approximately 400 calories and pasta contain approximately 130 calories so, it makes the meal very heavy and it disturbs your digestive system and The better option is to have the whole wheat masala pasta. You can add green vegetables with it for better nutrition and taste as well because whole wheat is one of the best alternative to substitute white flour.make these steamed idlis with some roasted oats, chopped chilies, grated carrots, and fresh coriander. This food item is low on carbs and this is ideal munching food for those who are calorie cautious because of this it is one of the 5 Healthy Munching Foods and this is also a very Wise & Healthy Lunch Swap for you.

These are top 5 reasons, why Oats Idli is one of the wise & healthy lunch swap –

4. Naan Vs. Tandoori Roti

Naan is really delicious. You can’t resist your temptation for naan. Naan is made of flour and maida. They are baked at tandoor. The hot butter naans being served to you surely bring water in your mouth. The butter naans are quite heavy and increase fat in your body but Instead, you should prefer to have tandoori roti made of whole wheat because a naan has approximately 250 calories on the other hand tandoori roti contains approximately 150 calories and it also highly beneficial in many ways like it has high nutrition value(check your calories on our app: Download Now).

These are top 5 reasons, why Roti is one 0f the wise & healthy lunch swap –

So, Avoid naan and stick to roti if you want to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle because diet is a main part plays in your weight loss journey. In long term, goods habits will help you to achieve the goal.

5. Chole Bhature Vs. Masala Dosa

Chole Bhature is the hot-selling food that everyone loves to have them even during lunchtime. Though, they are so much oily and made of maida. They add more fat to your body but On the other hand, the better choice is to have Masala Dosa and it is a south Indian food that is rich in nutrients And whenever you eat dosa mostly you eat with sambhar .Sambhar has many vegetables which completes your daily goal of greens because sambhar has many green vegetables and has many nutrients which help you in weight loss journey and It is stuffed with potatoes and onions.

It is very delicious food at lunch and People of all ages shouldn’t avoid a healthy diet and Your overall physical and mental fitness lies in the fuel that you give to your body. But, it is also the truth that the large section of society across the world is fond of fast food and has odd eating habits that can be controlled by following the above lunch choices.

These are top 5 reasons, why Masala Dosa is one 0f the wise and healthy lunch swap –

These Lunch swaps will surely help you to stay healthy and fit.


Wheat flour is better than white flour because the former is a rich source of fibre and also has vitamins and minerals while maida is nothing but empty calories.

Jaggery is an unrefined natural sweetener but Some people consider it a superfood, because it has more vitamins and minerals and a lower sucrose content than sugar but jaggery is still a type of sugar and people should consume it in moderation.

Yes, it is ok because at noon your metabolism at at peak so you can have a heavy lunch but heavy depends on your daily total calories consumption like how you divided your calories in your different meals.

You can take 22 percent of your total daily calories in breakfast and 31 percent at lunch and 35 percent at dinner and the remaining in snacks.

You can take supplement anytime because supplement is mainly used to hit your daily protein requirement divide your protein requirement in different meals but if in any meal you cannot meet your protein requirement then add supplement in that meal.

It has always been told that drinking water can fill up your appetite and stop you from eating junk but studies shown that if drink 2 glass of water before workout you lose a good amount of weight. It means ,Yes drinking water helps you to lose weight.

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