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manmohan singh
manmohan singh
Dietician Gurmeet has given me a nice diet schedule through which I have reduced 5kg in a month
Priyanka Singh
Priyanka Singh
Brilliant App..You Will Lose Weight For Sure By Following It..No Restrictions On Eating Your Favorite Food..The Dieticians Are also Good..I Would Prefer You To Try It For Once After Seeing the results You Would Go Onn..!!
Amanpreet Kaur
Amanpreet Kaur
Tanya Dietician of DietnCure is best, I lost 8 kg weight in 2 months, she give very balanced diet, I highly recommend to whosoever is seriously looking for weight loss
Malayka Minku
Malayka Minku
doctor gurmeet is very hardworking and supportive moreover she is always ready to reply and gives alternative diet plan when you are not at home lost approximately 5 kilograms
Jigyasa Khandelwal
Jigyasa Khandelwal
I have been consulting tanya and must say she is pretty good in her job. I have lost around 6-7kgs in 3 months just with her diet. Thank you tanya for helping with a healthy diet.
shreya jain
shreya jain
I would like to extend my thank you Diet n cure and the team for helping me getting back in shape the whole team was there for throughout the journey and I would like to say a big thank you to Dr tanya who made diets according to my choice and I highly recommend diet n cure
Komal Kataruka
Komal Kataruka
I have started this journey thinking If I would be able to continue or not. But trust me I am now so so so confident for Dietncure. I have recommended many people. I would thank Sanskriti for taking me along and because of her I have almost lost 6 kgs in 2 months. She is really amazing and co-operative tolerating all my cheat days. Thank you for making this journey possible and really helpful.
Nisha Gada
Nisha Gada
Once Again Thank you Tanya ma'am for My husband's weight lose journey.He has reduced 11 kg in less than 3 months .U have given Good diet plan with varieties of food options.Your Diet plan is very simple n only Ghar ka khana ,no need to buy any expensive food items

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My weight went from 98 kg to 69 kg in just 7 months. Even my PCOD got much better.

Team DietnCure is very supportive, motivating and extremely good at what they do. Their understanding of what would work for me was very accurate.
-Shikha Varmani

I lost 20 kgs within 6 months and my blood pressure is also much better managed now!

DietnCure was like a ray of sunshine in my life. I didnt have to starve myself at all and I got such interesting food.
-Shikha Sharma

Cant believe my Liver Function levels came back to normal and my weight went from 85 kg to 68 kg in less than 6.5 months.

I tried everything before coming to DietnCure, but nothing was working. With DietnCure, my weight, skin, hair & nails also became so much prettier.
-Guneet Kaur

My weight went from 75 kg to 56 kg in 6 months. Even my thyroid is back to normal.

Not just weight loss, even my Thyroid levels (TSH) with proper medicine and diet came down from 7 to 4.5 in just 4 months.
-Nidhi Jain