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Anxiety Depression

How Does Depression Affect Health?

It's common to experience sadness or lament about trying circumstances in life, such as losing your job or getting divorced. Depression, on the other hand, differs in that it lasts for at least two weeks and encompasses more symptoms than just depression. Depressive illnesses can take many different forms. Major depressive illness, often known as clinical depression, is frequently referred to as depression. The most serious form of depression is this one. Depression that is not treated increases the likelihood of dangerous behaviors like drug or alcohol addiction. Additionally, it can damage relationships, lead to issues at work, and make it challenging to recover from catastrophic illnesses.

How Our Nutritionists Can Assist You in Coping With Anxiety and Sadness?

You can eat well and form a healthy connection with food with the assistance of our dietitians for mental health. Your physical and emotional health are both impacted by your diet. The DietnCure team also works to enhance food planning and catering in mental health facilities. To promote lifestyle, change and client outcomes, our dietitians offer nutrition intervention using advanced counseling techniques like cognitive behavioral therapy. Depression’s development, intensity, and duration can all be significantly influenced by our diet plans. Our main objectives are your good eating habits and general health. We’ll provide you the best dietary guidance for managing anxiety or depression.

Some Common Causes of Depression & Anxiety Disorders

Some Meals That Will Help to Reduce Anxiety & Depressions

The brain can benefit from some foods, like almonds, and herbs, like chamomile, which may also help with symptoms of depression and anxiety. You can add these nutritious foods to your regular diet.

How DietnCure App Help You?

We counsel them to engage in some kind of physical activity, yoga, aerobics, and dance. we provide healthy fats- omega 3 which help them to function their brain properly and help to concentrate better. we also include a good number of antioxidants in their diets- berries, fruits, vegetable nuts, and seeds, good detox drinks for the body’s detoxification, tea like chamomile tea for a good night’s sleep, etc.

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A common occurrence is a depression that is brought on by an anxiety disorder, such as panic disorder, separation anxiety disorder, or generalised anxiety disorder. A lot of people have both clinical depression and anxiety problems.

Many individuals with anxiety disorders are completely aware of the irrationality of their ideas. Still, they are unable to stop them. They are plagued by thoughts of losing control inside. One of the entrances to sadness is this angst.

When anxiety strikes, it’s typical to have heart palpitations and rapid breathing. When anxiety levels are high and persistent, the constant release of stress hormones can raise blood pressure and lead to coronary issues including heart disease or a heart attack.

An anxiety disorder may last for a short while or for a long time. For some people, it will entirely go away, while for others, treating the condition may take a lifetime.