Is it normal to have PCOD?

Is it normal to have PCOD? 

PCOD is a big worry for women these days, especially in India. Lifestyle, food, and genes all play a part in why more women are getting it. If you have PCOD or symptoms of it, you will get to know whether its normal or not through this article.

First of all you, what is PCOD?
PCOD is a hormonal problem with small cysts on ovaries that mess up periods and might make it hard to have a baby on top of a host of other issues. It can happen because of family history and things like not moving enough, stress, and bad eating habits. In today’s India, it’s estimated that one out of every five women may have PCOD. This high number makes us wonder if PCOD is becoming common. Factors like lifestyle, diet, stress, and waiting longer to have kids all play a role.


But why do you develop PCOD?

It’s mostly because of our unhealthy lifestyle like sitting a lot and spending too much time on screens, too much of processed and sugary foods & also stress acts as a silent killer here, fast-paced city life makes women more stressed.


Who is more at risk of developing PCOD?

You are most likely to have PCOD if someone before you in your family had it. Obesity and sedentary lifestyles heighten possibility, while insulin resistance disrupts hormone levels, potentially causing irregular cycles.


Can PCOD be controlled and eliminated?

For sure PCOD symptoms can be managed with lifestyle changes like diet and exercise, medications, and fertility treatments. Consult a healthcare professional for personalized strategies to improve symptoms and well-being.


Will it ever make a comeback?

Yeah for sure but only for those who are irregular in their medical visits and have a improper diet plan. Make sure you make yourself uninhabitable for diseases.


Is it okay to live with it without treatment?

Living with PCOD without treatment isn’t a good idea. It can cause health issues and affect your life. It’s better to see a doctor for help and advice on how to manage it.


Desipte of PCOD being a vast problem, you should not make the mistake to consider it as a new normal. It is a specific medical condition which should be taken care of and cured with apropriate help.


With this, women also face problems like irregular periods, acne, weight gain, and problems getting pregnant and the social pressure is also another headache for them. Imagine this happening to you regularly and you don’t even have a proper solution.

 So we should always have proper information about symptoms and get guidance and should timely diagnos for symptoms.