Is PCOD dangerous for women?

PCOD, it’s not just something that affects a few women, it’s a really big issues for many women in India! Imagine your life, your health, your routine, distrupted due to hormonal changes, bodily changes, mood fluctuation and all of it seems like its out off your control! Is it not important for all of us to know what these basic issues are so we can help one another? 

Let’s break down the main problems women encounter with PCOD:

  1. Irregular periods and fertility problems: PCOD disrupts the monthly cycle, making it difficult for women to ovulate. This causes bloating, mood imbalances, mental health challenges and further more affects their chances of starting a family as their ovulation cycles are constantly irregular.
  2. Insulin Resistance and Metabolic problems: PCOD means insulin resistance, this makes it difficult to control blood sugar levels. Without this control, your metabolism goes for a toss and losing weight becomes difficult. Plus, it also increases your risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes.

3.Heart Risks: PCOD not only increases the risk of high blood pressure but also causes abnormal cholesterol levels, which can lead to cardiac issues. Lifestyle and stress are factors that anyway affect cardiac health, add into the PCOD, its a difficult situation to be in!  

  1. Weight Gain and Weight Loss Difficulties: Hormonal imbalances and insulin resistance make it tough for women with PCOD to manage their weight. There is sudden weight gain or weight loss for many women and managing this becomes difficult as your body’s hormones are actively fighting against you.
  2. Endometrial Cancer Risk: PCOD directly affects the uterus and a woman’s menstrual health. Endometrial Hyperplasia, a  condition in which the lining of the uterus grows too thick is a bog health hazard for women suffering from PCOD. Not only is this painful but it is also a big disadvantage for women trying to conceive. This further adds into the mix multiple mental health challenges..
  3. Mental Health Challenges: Imagine dealing with so many challenges, your body is acting up against you, your self esteem and confidence are taking a hit, no matter how hard you try, the solution still seems bleak. That’s a daily routine for women with PCOD. This causes major mental health challenges in the long run stemming from anxiety, body image issues, confidence and so much more!

PCOD affects every aspect of a woman’s life. It may seem like the end of the world but there are ways in which diets and modern medicine can help! With regular health check-ups, lifestyle changes, and taking care of their emotional well-being, women can live with, deal with and break free from PCOD with strength and optimism, looking towards a brighter, healthier future!