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Children (Below 12)

Target Weight Loss

Unique challenges

Children today are more prone to weight gain and obesity than they were earlier due to unhealthy food practices. Nutritious and healthy diet, thus plays a major role in conqeuroring that along with emphasis on outdoor activities. It is said that one should start early to achieve something, we believe in the same notion of health. We know that excessive weight at such a tender age can lead to many chronic diseases and steps need to be taken at the earliest. We assure you that, with us your child's dietary needs won't be compromised as our specially curated diet plans will cater to your child's wholesome nourishment.


Program Highlights

1) Focus on energy foods.

2) Nutritional meal planning to fight obesity.

3) Brain foods for concentration and memory.

4) Overcoming nutritional deficiencies.

5) Weight management.


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Why DietnCure App?

Our vision has been to help you manage your health through right diet practices, in a way that you don’t have to change your schedules, we fit into yours. We want you to look your best, wear the clothes you always wanted to wear, feel nurtured, revitalized and deeply cared for.


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My weight went from 98 kg to 69 kg in just 7 months. Even my PCOD got much better.

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Team DietnCure is very supportive, motivating and extremely good at what they do. Their understanding of what would work for me was very accurate.

- Shikha Varmani



Cant believe my Liver Function levels came back to normal and my weight went from 85 kg to 68 kg in less than 6.5 months.

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I tried everything before coming to DietnCure, but nothing was working. With DietnCure, my weight, skin, hair & nails also became so much prettier.

- Guneet Kaur

On an average our clients
lose 7-8 kgs in 3-4 months*



I lost 20 kgs within 6 months and my blood pressure is also much better managed now!

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DietnCure was like a ray of sunshine in my life. I didnt have to starve myself at all and I got such interesting food.

- Shikha Sharma



My weight went from 75 kg to 56 kg in 6 months. Even my thyroid is back to normal.

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Not just weight loss, even my Thyroid levels (TSH) with proper medicine and diet came down from 7 to 4.5 in just 4 months.

- Nidhi Jain

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